Getting YOU working

We’re recognized by the major agencies in the industry for having quality talent and a vast knowledge of the industry. Because of our reputation, we are able to get our talent seen by agencies without the need of a traditional audition along side 200 other dancers. We not only sign new talent, we also represent and book our established talent for projects including our international workshops.

Not only will we help you get an agent, we’ll help you in find a place to live in Hollywood, introduce you to working choreographers and dancers, assist you in making a living while dancing, expose you to auditioning, find a home dance studio, getting the right pictures, and gaining the proper tools for networking. All the tools you’ll need to get to the next level.

Private Lessons and Individual Training

Our private lessons and individual training for clients requesting personal attention towards development and training, is unmatched. We set you or your child up with a working professional that already knows what it’s like to just be getting started. Through this arrangement, we submerge you or your child in the real life situation of what it takes to make and leave a lasting impression in the entertainment industry. Remember we were once like you, we did the work it took to get to the next level, and now through our firm, we pass on the knowledge and experience to you.

We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming, attitude free environment, where clients can be themselves and grow utilizing their own style.

Our youngest talent, age 5, Mandy from Del Mar (San Diego), booked a Macy’s Fashion Show after several private training sessions with our CEO. Experience for yourself our level of customer satisfaction that is unmatched. We’ll work together on:

  • How to become a better performer
  • How to prepare for auditions
  • Learning to be comfortable in front of others while performing
  • Personal insight on what agents, casting directors, and artist are looking for
  • How to get a working Visa for international talent to work legally in the U.S.

We have been and remain a part of the driving force in Hollywood and around the world. Our choreographers and dancers credits include, MTV Video Music Awards, The Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards and more. We have the means to get you trained professionally ANYWHERE in the world! Contact our staff for more information on how you can train and prepare with us for your career, by the most qualified choreography and dance management firm.